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Dr. Kim Sung-jin Wins JCA International Award

2018-05-31 15:46

<Dr. Sung jin Kim>

Theragen's ESI Biotechnology Research Institute (Theragen) said that Dr. Kim Sung-jin (Vice President of Technology) won the JCA International Award at the Japan Cancer Institute (JCA) held in Yokohama, Japan.

The Japan Cancer Society is the second largest cancer society in the world and the largest in Asia, and the International Award is an annual award given by researchers from around the world who have made outstanding achievements in the development of cancer research worldwide. Dr. Kim's win is all the more meaningful in that it is evaluated to have contributed significantly to the Japanese cancer society's emphasis on " the expansion of scientific networks for implementing precision medicine. "

Dr. Kim Sung-jin is a cancer research expert who has published 270 papers for about 30 years studying cancer genes, pre-cancer cancer, and cancer prevention. He won the Hoam Medical Prize in 2002 for identifying the loss and mutation of TGF-beta receptor genes in cancer cells for the first time as a senior researcher at the NIH. Since then, he has served as the director of the Research Institute for Cancer and the director of the Cancer Research Institute at Cha Medical University, and is currently the current vice president of the Technology of Theragen and is working on cancer prevention and treatment.

Dr. Kim Sung-jin has established a joint company in Japan that provides customized cancer diagnosis and vaccine treatment services that combine Genome and Immunotherapy technologies. CPM aims to provide a total solution for cancer from genetic analysis of cancer patients to development of personalized immunotherapy drugs. Established in July of this year, CPM Corporation of Japan developed a technology for gene analysis and liquid biopsy of the Theragen and the cancer vaccine and immune treatment of Nakamura Yusuke, a joint opinion leader of the Japanese cancer gene.

" Over the past 30 years, we have been working on cancer research in Japan, the United States, Britain and China.

Theragen continues to grow and compete in the global market through precision medical diagnosis solutions, gene big data business, and B2B new business model based on its globally recognized research outcomes. Currently, Theragen has been actively recruiting professionals in clinical genome and big data, which is expected to further enhance its brand and service expertise in the future.